Google Docs Form Example

Here are the steps needed to create a Form on Google Spreadsheet.

1. Log into google docs and create a new spreadsheet.

2. Select ‘Form’ from the menu bar and then click ‘Create a Form’

3. You will be presented with a blank Edit Form window.

Interesting items on this window:

Clicking the pencil icon allows you to edit the highlighted entry.

Add Item allows you to add a new item to your form.

Items can be text, paragraph text, multiple choice, check boxes, choose from a list, scale, and grid.

Once items have been created, you can still change the type using the question type dropdown box:

4. Simply edit the items to reflect the information you would like to create.

Once the form is created, it can be shared with others by sharing via google docs, emailing the form, publishing as a webpage, or embedding the form in a webpage as below:

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